Bicycling in Water!

Reopening Special $50

(Regular $75)

The most relaxing yet effective fitness exercise! Take your gym routine to the next level with this revolutionary body workout: cycle while immersed in the water and get a jacuzzi jet massage at the same time! While easy and soothing, this exercise will burn up to 500 calories per session, redefine and reshape your body, visibly tighten the skin, reduce appearance of cellulite, speed up lymphatic drainage, aid weight management and tone the muscles.

Best part, it will give you plenty of energy and feeling of lightness, with no muscle soreness or exhaustion!
Plus, it's easy on the joints!

Session time: 1 hour


Warm Himalayan Salt Bed

Reopening Special $35

(Regular $60)

Snuggle in warm Himalayan Salt  - the purest and the most enriched mineral in the world! Unique experience that gives unmatched feeling of complete relaxation for every inch of your body. The salt will adjust to repeat the curves of your body for perfect balance of weight and comfort. It aids in relief of muscle spasm and tension, back, neck and joint pain, calms the nerves and relieves stress, helps to combat insomnia and micromassages your body.

Session time: 35 minutes


Cedar Steam Sauna

Reopening Special $50

(Regular $60)

Bask in this warm, one-person steam capsule fully made of 400 years old Siberian cedar wood, the healing properties of which have been known for centuries. This experience is an amazing replacement for exercise equivalent to 4 miles of walking! The sweat will release all toxins and slags, detox and renew your body at the cellular level. It is a great way to reduce water retention, swelling and puffiness, with 2 to 4 pounds of weight drop. All while bathing and relaxing in the steam capsule!

Session time: 35 minutes


Salt Room

Reopening Special

First Session Free

*with the purchase of 3 or more sessions 

Halotherapy is a natural salt breathing therapy that has many benefits for relieving multiple respiratory and skin conditions. Get comfortable in a cozy chair and breathe in the pleasant cool mist to ease allergies, asthma, bronchitis, cough, snoring,  sinusitis, rhinitis, ear-nose-throat issues, inflammation, acne, dermatitis and eczema - just to name a few. This therapy is also designed to cleanse and rejuvenate your body, strengthen the immune system, relief stress and give you energy. You will see the effect right away!

Session time: 1 hour


Steam Bathing Ritual

Reopening Special $99

(Regular $150-$210)

Ancient steam bathing ritual for body and spirit purification that takes you to a totally different universe! Experience the spa treatment of royalties like Cleopatra from 3000 years ago! Completely luxurious head to toe cleansing, exfoliating, detoxing and rejuvenating ceremony which will make you feel renewed and reborn, relaxed and peaceful.
Session time: 60 - 90 minutes


Aquabed Experience

Reopening Special $89

(Regular $125-$140)

Experience massage in a completely new way with our Aquabed! Float on top of the warm water mattress as you are getting your massage! The water repeats the movements of the therapist and warms, massages and relaxes your muscles resulting in a more effective outcome. Whether you seek relaxation or pain relief, slimming or deep muscle work, or even warm Himalayan salt stone therapy, our Aquabed massage will impress you, and you won't be back on a regular flat table again!

BONUS: We are using a luxurious, highest quality herbal oil which helps relieve spasms, gives skin healthy glow,  improves skin tone and texture, softens and moisturizes the skin.

Session time: 60 - 90 minutes


High Class Organic Facials

Reopening Special $89

(Regular $105-$165)

Luxury French skin care and cutting edge equipment to suit your various skin needs! Safe, pleasant, natural and effective! We believe there is no facial that fits everyone, that's why we offer 14 different programs covering a wide range of concerns: anti-aging and rejuvenation, acne-prone skin solutions, sensitive skin care, redness, reactivity and irritation relief, anti-stress and daily protection treatment, brightening and pigmentation solutions, restoration, revival and nourishment, deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and hydration.

Session time: 60  -90 minutes


Body Wellness and Perfection

Reopening Special $99

(Regular $210)

Create an ideal silhouette, detox and balance your body, take care of extremely dry skin, relieve a feeling of heavy legs and swalliness and simply feel better!

Session time: 60 - 90 minutes


Wellness Packages

Thinking of combining more than two services? Need advice on what's the best combination that meets your goals? Check out our membership programs offering 3-, 6- and 12-months discounted member packages with plenty of extras and bonuses! Best part: it's FREE to join!


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