How to schedule an appointment?

There are 3 ways to schedule an appointment with us: 1 - Call us at (321) 402 7710 OR 2 - Leave us a voicemail OR 3 - Send us a text message If you choose option 2 or 3, please make sure to inform us of your name, phone number and services you are interested in.

What makes your Massages special?

The Bed. The Salt. The Oil. At Royal Mirage you will experience massage in a completely new way! 1. AquaBed: Float on top of warm water mattress as you are getting your massage! The water repeats the movements of the therapist and warms, massages and relaxes your muscles resulting in a more effective outcome. Perfect for back pain sufferers! Whether you seek relaxation or painrelief, slimming or deep muscle work, our Aquabed massage will impress you, and you won't be back on a regular flat table again! 2. Special Oil: the oil you don’t want to shower off! Our luxurious, highest quality natural herbal oil helps relieve spasms, improves blood circulation, gives skin healthy glow, smoothes skin tone and texture, softens and moisturizes the skin! 3. Salt Therapy: pair your massage with HaloBed experience - snuggle in warm Himalayan Salt - the purest and the most enriched mineral in the world! Unique experience that gives unmatched feeling of complete relaxation for every inch of your body. The salt will adjust to repeat the curves of your body for perfect balance of weight and comfort. It aids in relief of muscle spasm and tension, back, neck and joint pain, calms the nerves and relieves stress, helps to combat insomnia and micromassages your body. Perfect massage add-on for extra healing and relief! Book your massage as a couple, and both of you will get the HaloBed experience free! 4. Himalayan Salt Stones: in comparison to regular hot stones, warm Himalayan Salt Stones will melt on your skin for your body to absorb all the 84 minerals this salt contains! 5. Himalayan Salt Pillows: Are you extra stiff in certain parts of your body? No worries, we’ve got just the thing - warm pillows filled with fine grind Himalayan salt to provide extra warmth and pain relief. Available FREE with any massage!

Why SPA is NOT ONLY massage?

When we say “spa” the most frequent association we hear is “massages and nails”. Here we would like to talk about why it is NOT so. Historically, spas were the places of healing located at the natural mineral water preserves. Actually, Spa is a name of a Belgian town - mineral water resort known since 14th century. Later, SPA has become associated with a Latin phrase “Salus Per Aqua” meaning “Health through Water”. And indeed, at those preserves people would bath in waters of different temperatures and compositions, drink such waters, apply underlying mineral clays - all for medical purposes. Such procedures were known to relieve body pains, gastrointestinal issues, skin concerns, as well as heal any wounds and injuries, and even aid with mental health. Plus, the air composition at such preserves would aid anyone with respiratory conditions. To sum it up, spas were the places where people would heal with the help of all the 4 elements - water, earth, fire and air. And THAT is exactly what spa is. Luckily, right here in Orlando at Royal Mirage Wellness & Spa you may find the true spa experiences that will allow you to introduce your body and soul to all the four elements of nature and heal physically and spiritually: Hammam Steam Bathing Ritual - ancient ceremony of healing and purification with steam, water and natural mineral clays originated 3000 years ago Halochamber - natural salt breathing therapy for respiratory concerns originated in Himalayan mountains Siberian Spa Cedar Capsule - centuries known detoxing, healing and slimming properties of 400 years old cedar growing in high elevation mountains of Siberia in combination with herbal steam Aquafitness - bicycling in the water - the benefits of hydrotherapy, fitness and light Halobed Warm Himalayan Salt Bed - the purest, most enriched salt in the world naturally relieving body pains, tensions, spasms and insomnia AquaBed Massages - power of water and heat infused with your massage experience for more effective outcome and immense pleasure To learn more about these experiences, please visit our SERVICES page HERE.

Is it safe to visit the spa at this time?

At Royal Mirage safety and wellbeing of our guests has always been our top priority! In the light of the most recent events, we have enhanced our health safety protocols and procedures to protect our guests. Please visit the SAFETY page HERE to learn more about all the measures we apply to give you peace of mind when visiting us. There you will also find a fun video we filmed to showcase some of those!

Why do you work by appointment only?

1. Unique wellness experiences require special preparations: creating the right microclimate, warming, steaming, misting, heating - all of it is done to ENSURE PROPER HEALING, COMFORTABLE AND SAFE ENVIRONMENTS FOR OUR CLIENTS. We will never sacrifice these for the sake of quicker turnover. 2. PRIVACY: we understand that wellness and spa experiences are very personal. Our smart scheduling system is designed to provide maximum privacy and minimum disturbance. You won’t be constantly running into other guests, guaranteed. In the light of the most recent events, our privacy rules have been enhanced, please learn more on our SAFETY page HERE. 3.SPECIAL EVENTS: we host a wide variety of events to support women entrepreneurs, community leaders, field professionals and wellness enthusiasts. In addition to that, birthday parties, bridal showers and anniversaries are held at our spa every month. For such occasions visits are only limited to event participants. We wouldn’t want you to make a trip to find out we are hosting a private event. Please kindly make an appointment and we’ll take a very good care of you.

What are your operating hours?

We work by appointment only. Appointments can be scheduled Monday through Friday 12 pm - 7 pm, and between 12 pm and 5 pm on weekends. No walk-ins. Special hours are also available, please contact us shall you have a special request.

Will I be in a pool during Aquafitness experience?

No. Aquafitness is a single-person stationary equipment filled with fresh water for each guest. You will be just by yourself in the equipment and in the treatment room.

Do you offer packages?

Yes, we offer Exclusive Membership Packages with 3-, 6-, and 12-months duration, accompanied by free services, discounts, bonuses and special perks. These are FREE to join. You may learn more about them by visiting our MEMBERSHIP page HERE If none of the membership packages seem suitable to you at this moment, we offer combination packages for any services you select, as follows: 3 sessions - Save 10%
6 sessions - Save 15%
12 sessions - Save 20% These offers cannot be combined with any other discounts or specials.

Do you host events or parties?

Yes, we host a wide variety of events to support women entrepreneurs, community leaders, field professionals and wellness enthusiasts. In addition to that, birthday parties, bridal showers and anniversaries are held at our spa every month. For such occasions visits are only limited to event participants. If you would like to discuss the hosting of your event at our spa, please send us a message by filling out the form on our CONTACT US page HERE. Please include detailed description of the event, proposed dates, number of guests, preferred services and your contact details.

By Appointment Only, Call: + 1 (321) 402-7710
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